Driving in Poor Weather Conditions
by Alison Neumann

Driving in Poor Weather Conditions

The end of October and into November brings variable weather conditions each year, especially in the Upper Peninsula.  So far this autumn we’ve already experienced gale force winds knocking down trees throughout the area and creating 29 foot waves on Lake Superior, heavy rains, and even a light dusting of snow!

With these different weather changes, it is very important that drivers take precautions when setting out on the road each time.  Auto is a loss leader in the insurance industry, and auto accidents can be very scary and costly.

Some tips to keep in mind each time you get in your vehicle to go somewhere:

  • Put your cell phone and other electronic devices away and out of sight. You don’t want the extra distraction when your life and other lives are on the line.
  • Clean your vehicle off of all ice and snow before you start to drive. Your line of sight should not be impaired due to things you can help control.
  • If you can, let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to return. Getting stuck somewhere in low temps can be life threatening.
  • Keep a vehicle kit of cold weather items that could help in an emergency situation. It should include non-perishable food, water, a warm blanket, a flashlight, candle, matches, extra clothing, and a shovel.
  • Most importantly, give yourself enough time to get where you’re going! Plan for an extra 10-15 minutes, especially if you have to spend time cleaning your vehicle off of ice and snow.  Drive slowly in temps below 40 degrees to avoid hidden black ice on the roads that can make traveling treacherous.

Let’s all do our best to keep everyone safe on the road this season!

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