Cycling Fun
by Alison Neumann

Cycling Fun

Is there anything more fun these days than getting out for a nice healthy bike ride? I love to get out on my road and mountain bikes as much as possible and bike around Marquette County on the beautiful days.  However, each time I go out, I am careful to follow bicycling safety practices to keep myself and other motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists safe.

Getting out on a bicycle is one of my favorite ways to exercise, and it has many benefits.  It strengthens my heart with the cardio exercise, gives my immune system a boost and my brain a break, which in essence makes me happier.  In addition, biking is a low impact activity, so my joints thank me afterward.  Seeing the beauty of nature on my bike rides along Lake Superior and through the woods lightens my mood and is a great kick-start to my day.

Riding a bike is also environmentally friendly and helps reduce the human carbon footprint.  I strive to do what I can to benefit the world around me, which includes riding my bike places instead of driving.

Bicycling safety practices that keep me and others safe include wearing a standard bike helmet, making certain motorists can see me with appropriate lighting on my bike and brightly colored clothing, and riding with suitable equipment such as properly inflated tires, a bell for warning others of my presence on the path, and a rear-view mirror.  I am also cognizant to follow the rules of the road and traffic laws and watch for hazards such as car doors opening or vehicles backing out of driveways.

Riding a bike should be a fun and enjoyable way to delight in aerobic exercise, and consciously following safety measures will help keep everyone safe on the road.  Of course, making sure you are properly insured will give you peace of mind when accidents do happen.  To find out if you have the proper insurance you need or for any insurance inquiries, contact your agent today.


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