CSA Scoring + Effective Vehicle Maintenance Programs
by Tom Cousineau

CSA Scoring + Effective Vehicle Maintenance Programs

By now we know that the Compliance Safety + Accountability (CSA) system is  here to stay. It may change and adapt, but will continue to have a big impact on the way our clients do business.


The scores trucking companies have under CSA are based on 7 different areas of operation.   Poor scores can be an indicator of red flags in the way a company operates.  Current and potential customers have access to the CSA scores of companies via the internet.  Yes, your clients and prospects are looking at your “grade” online.  These numbers can have a huge impact on the amount and quality of business you are receiving.

A side effect of having poor scores is being less productive.  For example, poor scores can lead to being red flagged which means you may be spending more time on the side of the road with enforcement personnel instead of being on the road and being productive.  Lets take a closer look at one of the 7 basics within CSA.

Vehicle Maintenance –  We all know and would agree that there are a number of reasons for having a high quality vehicle maintenance program in place.  Here is a list of some of the most important:

  • Safety standards increased for your employees and the general public
  • Increased productivity/revenues
  • More attractive to the insurance marketplace
  • Great repuation with customers
  • No Federal intervention
  • High or good CSA/SMS scores

On the flip-side, the results of NOT having a quality program in place can be more impactful and detrimental to your business.   At VAST we use a broader definition of risk – categorizing them into business, strategic and hazard.  Some risks are insurable – some aren’t with a standard insurance policy.  There are 5 methods to managing these risks; Prevent, Mitigate, Transfer, Finance, & Assume.  For more insight on CSA scores and your business contact Tom Cousineau | 906.315.7210 | tomc@vastsolution.com.

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