Crazy Celebrity Insurance Stories
by Heather Mosher

Crazy Celeb Insurance Stories

Today, there are very few restrictions on what you can and cannot insure.  From your homeand auto, to disability or life insurance, to yachts and sports cars – if you want to pay, there is a way to get it done!  Celebs have lead the way in the movement of insuring unique or weird items.  Here are a few exceptional items that have spiced up the insurance industry in the last few years.

Hair – whether it’s a unique hairstyle, hair color or even the hair on your chest – it’s likely to be important to someone out there.  Celebs such as Troy Polamalu have insured their hair for many purposes including commercial contracts, movie roles or just because they feel like it!  Oh, by the way,Troy had a contract on his “head” for $10 million during his stint with Head and Shoulders.

Legs – as far back as 1940, executives at 20th Century Fox had actress Betty Grables’ legs insured for $1 million each.  Today, this has become common place among Hollywood A-listers such as Rihanna, Mariah Carey and David Beckham ($70 million.)   Everyone is doing it – even Michael Flatley (Irish step dancer) who reportedly insured his legs for $47 million at the height of his career.

Backside – Jennifer Lopez started a first rate gossip-fest when she reportedly insured her famous backside for upwards of $27,000,000.

Smiles – Say cheese!  Well, not that kind of cheese exactly.  If your smile is flawless enough, you might be able to land a contract with the likes of Colgate.  America Ferrera had her smile insured for $10 million during her contract with Aquafresh.

Voices – Rod Stewart, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Dylan (just to name a few) realized that their days of singing at the top of their lungs might be numbered.  So what did they do?  Insured their voices – each to the ‘tune’ of $6 million.

Taste buds – food critic Egon Ronay of Britian, insured his taste buds for a reported $400,000.  Lloyds of London accomplished that for him.

Do you have any crazy celeb insurance stories?  If so, we’d love to hear them!

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