Celebrating Safely
by Kerry Hongisto

Celebrating Safely

December is National Impaired Driving Prevention month. Seasonal festivities have begun and according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic fatalities due to driving impaired increase significantly during the Christmas and New Year Holidays. Whenever your plans include consuming alcohol, make arrangements ahead of time for your transportation home so you do not drive impaired. Have a designated sober driver, plan to take a taxi, or arrange for a sober friend or family member to pick you up. You not only put yourself at risk if you drive impaired, but you also put other drivers, passengers and pedestrians at risk.

If you host a party, be sure to serve some non-alcoholic beverages as well, and be sure every guest has a designated driver. Take away the keys of anyone that is about to drive impaired, and help them get a safe ride home. If you are driving and you see an impaired driver, do not be afraid to call the police. You could be saving their life and the lives of others. Impaired driving accidents are 100% preventable. Please remember to be safe, and help others be safe as well!

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