by Kelly Reed


As an advisor to physicians throughout the state of Michigan, I often receive similar questions when physicians purchase or renew theirMedical Malpractice policy.  As a physician, we realize you have to make many decisions every day based on the facts you receive.  The five following questions will give you an overview of the information you need to make the decision regarding your Medical Professional Liability coverage in Michigan.

  1. What type of policy is right for me and my practice as a physician in Michigan? Occurrence Coverage, Claims Made Coverage, Modified Claims Made Coverage
  2. What limit of liability should I choose?
  3. Do defense costs (attorney fees, court fees, expert witness fees) reduce my limits of liability or are they in addition to your limits of liability?
  4. Do I have a “Consent to Settle” clause in my policy and what does it mean to me as a physician?
  5. What is the insurance company’s track record in the court room nationally, in Michigan, and in my County?

By asking these 5 simple questions, you can be confident that you are making the right decision and protecting your professional identity.  To learn more about medical professional liability (malpractice) and the solutions VAST can provide, contact Kelly Reed | 906.315.7227 |

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