I Bought My First Home, Now What?
by Heather Mosher

I Bought My First Home, Now What?

I was reading an interesting article in USA Today called GenY is Finally in the Mood to Buy.  The article highlights that coming of age GenY’ers (90 million strong) are finally making the commitment to purchase their first homes.  This comes off the tail end of one of the country’s greatest recessions – where 20 something’s have struggled to find jobs, have moved home to live with mom and dad in record numbers, and are now as a group, almost 4 years delayed in the home buying process.

The article continues to describe what Millennials are looking for in their first home:

  • Open layouts for simplicity and entertaining purposes
  • Ample storage space
  • Outdoor area that can be utilized as an extension of indoor living
  • Rooms that can reflect their personal style and interests (technology, gaming, etc)
  • Home office space due to a new generation of telecommuters

My husband and I are prime examples because he works from home.  When we bought our house, we automatically looked for something with four bedrooms so that one could be solely designated as an in-home office.

It could be that this generation has grown up with the influences of HGTV and MTV’s “Cribs” that they are looking to designate rooms to fit their lifestyle.  For instance, their living room is better utilized as an “in-home theatre” or the extra bedroom is set up to mimic a life-sized Pinterest board – otherwise known as a craft room.

Are you a Millenial?  Are you in the market for your first home?  If so, this article should speak to you.

As an insurance advisor – and a Millennial – I take care of many of my peers who are first time home buyers.  It often surprises me how many people put so much time and energy into finding just the right home for them – with a laundry list of expectations and features, and desires – simply to ignore the other side.  I’m talking about your simple homeowner’s insurance plan!  In fairness, it’s not that simple.  When buying your first home, finding a home insurance plan to fit your specific needs might seem confusing or overwhelming.

  • What questions should you ask?
  • How much is too much?
  • What about cost?
  • Does the carrier have a good reputation?
  • Are your expensive hobbies covered?

At VAST, we take you through a specific process designed to answer these questions for you.  If you are seeking your first home contact your fellow Millennial Heather Mosher | 906.315.7235 | heatherm@vastsolution.com to set up a plan that is right for you.


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