Top Four Reasons To Ask About Renters Insurance
by Heather Mosher

Top Four Reasons To Ask About Renters Insurance

As you shove that last box in your car for the upcoming college semester,take a second to consider that most likely everything you own is in that vehicle. As you arrive at your destination and begin to unpack, think about the impact of losing all of those things.  There is a greater risk of losing or having your personal property damaged when living in a rental property due to the number of other tenants on site. With that in mind, there are some compelling reasons to purchase renters insurance which provides coverage for your personal property as well as liability while living in a rental unit.

  1. Your parents’ homeowner’s policy may not kick in if your personal belongings are damaged or stolen.
  2. If you have your own auto insurance, renters insurance will earn you a multi- policy discount – with some carriers, this can be upwards of 25%!
  3. Many college students have expensive items like electronics or sporting equipment that can be specifically scheduled as a rider to provide the most comprehensive coverage for those high dollar valued things.
  4. Liability coverage is included. This helps protect against losing current and future assets.

When you talk to your agent, ask about other things like ID theft and increased living expense coverage. This is one of the best “bang for your buck” policies as renters can expect to pay about $100-$170 per year for this coverage. Before leaving home, add this to your TO DO list. Happy studying!

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