Are You Uber Safe?
by Cassie VanAbel

Are You Uber Safe?

Uber is a rapidly-trending, location-based, easy-to-use ride sharing service similar to taxis and other black car services.  With Uber, passengers can arrange their pickup/drop off, track their arrival, know the exact price AND pay for the service (which is typically less than the cost of a traditional taxi) all from the smartphone app.  It’s no wonder this company is growing at the rate that is!

Millions of people worldwide are using this service, not only as passengers, but also as Uber drivers.   Driving for Uber is a flexible option (as your own boss, you decide when and for how long you will work) to earn an income.  However, drivers use their own vehicles to transport customers…

That’s the problem.

With Uber continuing to grow, more and more drivers are participating in this ride sharing program.  Although it sounds like a great gig, there is one major concern often over looked – insurance.  While Uber does require the driver have valid car insurance, that certainly does not guarantee that the insurance will kick in while driving for Uber.  The VAST majority assume, “I’ve got a personal auto policy, surely it will cover me.”  This is where the problem lies because in fact, many, if not ALL insurance providers in Michigan exclude this type of exposure under a personal auto policy.  There are several common exclusions including business use, driving for hire, and public livery.

If you are one of those eager people considering driving for Uber, have you considered your insurance coverage?  If not, it is worth a call to your local insurance agent to be sure you are Uber safe.

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