5 Steps to Purchase Life Insurance
by Heather Mosher

5 Steps to Purchase Life Insurance

You’ve made the decision to buy life insurance.  First of all, congratulations!  You’ve made a decision that will have a great impact on your life.  You’ve shown your family you love them and are dedicated to taking care of them.  But what’s next?  How do you proceed?  Making the decision is one thing, but following through is another.

I believe it’s often the unknown that creates anxiety for people when making the decision in the first place.  Many people feel unsure about the paramedical exam.  Others are afraid that something will appear in their medical records.  Still others feel like they will be judged – whether for smoking habits or even weight.

Don’t worry!  The motto with life insurance is that you should always buy sooner than later.  That is because you are your youngest and (generally) healthiest – RIGHT NOW!

For those who are still unconvinced, here is a glimpse inside the life insurance process.

  1. Make the decision to protect your family
  2. Meet with your agent to complete the application.  This usually takes 10-15 minutes.
  3. You will receive a phone call within the next few days to schedule your paramedical exam.  This exam generally includes a quick blood draw, urine sample and the verification of height and weight.  These exams are done by professional nurses.  They are of no cost to you and are usually scheduled at a time which is convenient for you (including nights and weekends.)  Depending on age, some carriers may not require a paramedical exam.
  4. Your job is done!  The company orders records on the backside.  This usually includes medical records, driving records and anything else pertinent to questions answered on the application.
  5. Once all of this information is reviewed by the carrier, the process is complete.  Assuming the results are favorable, you will receive a call from your advisor to deliver your policy and collect the first payment.

Do not let the life insurance buying process intimidate you or keep you from making the right decision for your family.  If you are interested in obtaining more information, please contact Heather Mosher | 906.315.7235 | heatherm@vastsolution.com.  Or start the process by clicking on the link below.

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