5 Reasons Why You Need Rental Car Insurance
by Katrina Mattila

5 Reasons Why You Need Rental Car Insurance

As spring break is approaching many families are getting ready to go on vacation and plan to rent a vehicle while they are away. Most of us try to minimize unnecessary expense when we travel, so the question often comes up, “Do I need to buy the insurance from the rental car company?” Our recommendation is you should purchase the Loss Damage Waiver the rental car company offers. This is not insurance, but rather an agreement to hold you harmless in the event of an accident and the vehicle is damaged. Here are the top 5 reasons why we recommend this coverage:

  1. Your personal or commercial auto policy may not cover the entire loss. For example, rental car companies will often want you to pay the daily rate of the vehicle while it can’t be rented due to being repaired.
  1. In the event of an accident it will save you time and energy. You will not be held responsible for the damage, and the rental car company will handle everything. This will allow you to get back to enjoying your vacation.
  1. It will provide you peace of mind knowing you have the necessary coverages.
  1. You will avoid any potential financial hardship if there is an accident.
  1. You will avoid any issues with the rental car company.

It is always important to read the contract and understand it as each rental car company has their own terms and conditions. If you do not abide by the terms, the contract could be deemed as void.

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