130 Years and Counting
by Scott Reddinger

130 Years and Counting

In the year 1885 a company was started in Marquette, Michigan. The name of that company was Sidney Adams Real Estate, Insurance, and Loans. Following the old saying that all you need is a dollar and a dream, this company was started by a man, who in 1850, had come to Marquette with only a dollar in his pocket. Over the years this company has changed locations, names, and faces. Yet, 130 years later this company, now known as VAST, is not only surviving but thriving. The biggest question is; Why?

Simply put, it is this writer’s opinion the reason that this company continues to succeed is the people. As with many things, it all starts at the top. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard leadership say, “The greatest asset this company has is our people.” This mindset isn’t something that happens over night. A foundation has been built on blueprints that were established 130 years ago, and throughout those years a culture has been established that is second to none. It has been molded and scultpted as time has progressed, with every person who has worked here leaving their imprint. I feel as though I could write pages about this, but essentially, this is a family of people with a shared set of core values.

I tend to think of this company almost as a real person. To me it is a living thing which I have come to know and love. In that respect I can’t help but ponder all of the moments in history it has been a witness to. When it was born, Grover Cleveland was President. As it grew up, it survived a Great Depression and two World Wars. It saw the first flight of an aircraft, the first moon landing, and the birth of the internet age. I can only imagine what Sidney Adams would think of our new website! Yet, the history of VAST is far from being over. It is still very much an open book that has many chapters left to be written, and the truly special people who work here are the authors. In closing, I would like to say what a privilege it is to be small part of this momentus occasion. I hope that my words do this incredible place justice. To the past, present, and future team at VAST I say, Cheers: To 130 years and counting…

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