Tip Sheets:

Organization Guidance & Tips:

Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccine Coverage Requirements – 11/9/2020

Michigan OSHA Adopts Emergency COVID-19 Standard – 10/22/2020

OSHA FAQs – Coronavirus Guide – 10/7/2020

OSHA Clarifies COVID-19 Reporting Requirements – 10/6/2020

Guidance on Wearing Cloth Face Coverings Indoors – 10/1/2020

FDA Urges Consumers to Check That Their Hand Sanitizer Is Safe Before Use – 9/8/2020

Employer Guidance for Common Return-to-Work Concerns – 8/12/2020

CDC Guidance Regarding COVID-19 Testing Scenarios – 7/27/2020

Determining Whether a COVID-19 Case is Work-Related 6/26/2020

Contact Tracing in the Workplace – 6/17/2020

On Demand Returning to Work After the COVID-19 Pandemic Webinar Series – 5/21/2020

  • This webinar series is intended to provide an overview of the wide-ranging and unique issues employers may encounter during this return to work process, including continued compliance with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act; wage and hour, ADA, and workplace discrimination considerations; and employee benefits administration matters.

Returning to Work after COVID-19 – A Compete Resource Guide for Employers – 5/19/2020

Workplace COVID-19 Infection Email to Employees (editable word doc)



Remote Working Concerns

Deciding Who Should Continue to Work from Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic – 7/27/2020

Remote Workstation Checklist – 6/26/2020

Monitoring Remote Workers – 6/3/2020

Boosting Self-Motivation for Remote Employees – 6/1/2020

Handling the Influx of Remote Work Requests – 5/26/2020

Working from Home Ergonomic Tips

Cyber Liability – Coronavirus and Remote Work Cyber Risks

An Employer’s Guide to Managing Remote Employees

Sample Telecommuting Policy For Employers (Editable Word Doc)

Remote Work Agreement (Editable Word Doc)


Industry Specific

Customer Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Letter – 10/19/2020

Temporary FMCSA Drug Testing Waiver for Rehiring CMV Drivers – 6/17/2020

Coronavirus Action Plan – Residential Properties – 6/10/2020

Coronavirus Action Plan – Restaurants – 6/4/2020

Coronavirus Action Plan – Hotels and Lodging 6/1/2020

Coronavirus Action Plan – General Industry – 5/6/2020 (Editable Word Doc)

Coronavirus Action Plan – Retail – 5/4/2020

Coronavirus Action Plan – Manufacturing (Editable Word Doc) – 4/22/2020

Coronavirus Action Plan – Construction (Editable Word Doc)


Posters, Checklists + Forms:

Adjusting to Your New Post-Coronavirus Normal – 7/17/2020

Six Feet from Desk – 6/17/2020

Meeting Room Capacity Limited – 6/17/2020

Cafe Capacity Limited – 6/17/2020

Meeting Room Closed – 6/17/2020

Hand Sanitizer Station – 6/17/2020


Additional Resources:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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