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October 23, 2013

HMO PPO What Does that Mean to Me?

By now, you know or have heard discussions on how our healthcare system is changing.   People whohave been buying healthcare are trying to figure out what this new system looks like, while others who have not purchased healthcare in the past or have been uninsured for a very long time are now potential buyers because of Health Care Reform. With so much change upon us, it is important to remember that some terms are not changing.  It is often that these items require the most attention.  This is especially true if you are a “new” consumer of healthcare.  The terms … Continue reading

September 23, 2013

Why Should I Communicate With My Employees About Life Insurance

With my 9+ years  working with individuals and businesses one thing is very common between them.  Employees (individuals) are continually looking at their employers as their main source for support, education, information, and advice on how to appropriately manage not only their “work” life but also their “personal” life.  Employers realize that employees are their most valuable asset, and with the landscape of health care changing, managing the bottom line is ever so crucial for them.  Employers are challenged with trying to stay creative in assisting their employees with their work and personal lives.  One of the ways our organization … Continue reading

April 3, 2013

Taxability of Benefits

You may recall my last blog was about knowing what your definition of disability is.  That is the first of two major components to being an informed consumer of your disability benefits program.  The second major component is the taxability of those benefits. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners,“More than half [56%] of U.S. adults say they would be unable to pay their bills or meet expenses if they become disabled and could not work for a year or longer.”  Many employers offer a disability benefits program to their employees.  The disability plan is used to aid in the replacement … Continue reading

September 17, 2012

3 Things To Consider When Purchasing Buy-Sell Life Insurance

What is Buy-Sell Life Insurance? It is a tool that is used to help a business fund the purchase of a deceased partner’s shares. I am often approached by businesses that explain they need Buy-Sell Life Insurance. My immediate question following is, “What does your Buy-Sell Agreement State?” Many times I get a blank stare, a moment of silence, and a question: “Why do I need an agreement?” I am not an attorney, but I am certain that purchasing life insurance to fund a buy-sell agreement needs to follow a process and it does not start with a life-insurance policy.  Here are three things … Continue reading

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