July 11, 2018

Local Healthy Foraging

The team at VAST focuses on 9 Core Values in everything we do. Essentially, it’s who we are.  One of VAST’s 9 Core Values is Healthy.  The VAST team focuses on being healthy in body, mind, and spirit.  Part of a healthy lifestyle is diet. Foraging for berries is not only easy to do in the Marquette area, but it can also be a fun adventure, save you money on groceries, and it is a healthy addition to your diet!  The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has many opportunities to forage healthy food.  Many Yoopers enjoy taking part in foraging favorite … Continue reading

June 19, 2018

Insurance Terms to Know

Insurance can be a scary world to someone who’s not familiar with it, and especially scary to someone who’s not familiar with the different language that goes along with insurance!  I’ve compiled a short guide of some commonly used insurance terms to help you navigate the world of insurance. Binder – a temporary proof of insurance that is effective for 30 days from the effective date. An official insurance policy will follow in its place. EPLI – Employment Practices Liability Insurance, covers an employer who has a claim made by an employee alleging discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, and other employment-related … Continue reading

March 21, 2018

A Synopsis: Commercial Property Coinsurance

What does the term “coinsurance” mean when referring to commercial property insurance?  This word is often misunderstood and confusing to policyholders.  It is a term that is completely different when it comes to health insurance, and it is important to know the meaning and how it works when you insure your building for your business. Coinsurance is commonly found in commercial property policies, but it is also found in many other insurance policies such as dwelling forms, homeowners, federal flood, directors and officers liability, inland marine, and of course health insurance.  Even the use of the word “coinsurance” can have … Continue reading

March 8, 2018

VAST’s Annual Fitness Challenge

Every year the Zen Committee at VAST designs a special 12-week fitness challenge to encourage our team members to get the year started on the right path of health.  We develop a new theme each year as a fun way to get people interested and to laugh along with the scenarios we present.  For example, we’ve used “The Olympics” and “Mt. Everest” as themes in the past. The theme we chose this year is “The Oregon Trail” based on the computer game made popular in elementary schools in the 80’s and 90’s.  Team members have 12 weeks to move their … Continue reading

February 28, 2018

Value: It’s What We Do

Value, by definition, is the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.   VAST team members hold great pride in bringing value to our clients.  Value is what we do at VAST, essentially it’s a big part of who we are. You may ask, how does VAST bring value to our clients?  And, what does “value” mean to VAST?  Let me give you some examples. Over the past year we worked with a client and several carriers to develop a safer system for their sprinklers in the case of a fire. Previously, the sprinklers weren’t capable to extinguish a fire completely by … Continue reading

November 22, 2017

Driving in Poor Weather Conditions

The end of October and into November brings variable weather conditions each year, especially in the Upper Peninsula.  So far this autumn we’ve already experienced gale force winds knocking down trees throughout the area and creating 29 foot waves on Lake Superior, heavy rains, and even a light dusting of snow! With these different weather changes, it is very important that drivers take precautions when setting out on the road each time.  Auto is a loss leader in the insurance industry, and auto accidents can be very scary and costly. Some tips to keep in mind each time you get … Continue reading

August 15, 2017

The Voice on the Other End of the Line: VAST’s Emergency Claims Phone

It’s 7 PM on a Saturday and you discover a major leak in your roof following a storm.  After taking care of the immediate needs of the situation, can you call your insurance agency at this time of day and week to notify them of the damage?  If you’re a client of VAST’s, the answer is YES! Other insurance agencies may be only available to take information on a claim during regular business days and hours.  VAST has an option for our clients, who have an after-hours emergency to call and receive help. Our job is to advise you to … Continue reading

August 7, 2017

Being Active with an Office Job

Getting enough exercise daily can be challenging for anyone.  The recommended amount of exercise is at least 150 minutes a week at a moderate, aerobic level, or 75 minutes a week at a vigorous level according to the American Heart Association.  That breaks down to 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week of moderate exercise.  With hectic, busy lives filled with 8+ hours at a job, family life, house work and prepping meals, it’s hard to imagine that there’s even time to sleep!  But exercise is so important – not only for physical health, but also for mental health … Continue reading

May 19, 2017

Anatomy of an Auto Accident

What happens when you’ve had an automobile accident?  Nobody truly expects to experience an accident, but all should be prepared to handle what to do after one takes place.  Take it from me, I had the unfortunate experience this winter.  I work for VAST, so I should know exactly what to do in a situation like this, right?  I learned quickly that adrenaline and chaos in a situation like this make it hard to keep things straight! Important tips I learned to act upon as quickly as possible once an accident occurs: Turn on your vehicle hazard lights and stay … Continue reading

January 30, 2017

Business Service Bonding

Have you ever thought about owning your own business, such as a cleaning service, moving company, or an interior decorator? If so, one thing you’ll want to think about is obtaining a Business Service Bond.  This bond would provide protection for the loss of your clients’ money, equipment, supplies, or personal belongings caused by dishonest acts of your employees while on your client’s premises. Coverage is dependent on a conviction in a court of law. Other types of businesses that should consider purchasing a Business Service Bond are: Subcontractors Pest Control Services Home Photographers Security Guards Repair Services Food Catering … Continue reading

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