by Colleen Posey

Volunteer Committee

VAST promotes a variety of committees for employees to participate in. From the Nerd Herd to the Zen committee, there’s something for everyone.  Here at VAST, giving back is something that is very important to us. One of the newest committees, The Volunteer Committee, was created to provide opportunities for VAST team members to give back to our amazing community by volunteering for different causes and organizations. Our goal is to provide easy access to these opportunities by having a list of options to choose from right at our fingertips.  A few of these opportunities include JJ Packs, UPAWS, The Warming Center, and Jacobetti Home for Veterans. Our current project we are working on is called Compassion Cases. We are raising money to purchase supplies for children in Foster Care.  Volunteering has major benefits for not only the individual, but also the community in which it’s taking place. The satisfaction that one takes away from these experiences is instrumental in bettering the community and yourself. Not only does it fill you with a sense a pride, but it also provides you an opportunity to connect with others and improve lives. With busy schedules and other priorities, it can be hard to find time to dedicate to philanthropic events. However, it’s so important to make it a goal to participate in them when you can. Go grab a friend and find an opportunity in your community that fits your interests. I guarantee you will feel like a million bucks when you’re done!

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