by Pam Hillier

I’ve Never Had An Employee Health Insurance Plan – Now What?

There are employers here in the UP and all over the country that are going to be newly mandated that have never dealt with employee health insurance before.  This is a whole new world for these folks.  It is a new line item to their expenses.  This must be acknowledged and acted upon.  They must be informed consumers.  Do the analysis and make informed decisions about your employee health insurance program.

My advice to you as a Benefits and Risk Advisor:

  • Use scenario based decision making – be cautious, take it slow, analyze the upside and the downside of every possible decision and action – opportunities may exist that can be exploited
  • Rely only on sound data and rationale received from a trusted source
  • Seek assistance from those uniquely qualified to help navigate the legislation and provide guidance
  • Surround yourself with a team who possesses a deep understanding of PPACA
  • Use only professionals who are capable of providing a tangible, well-defined system that includes measurement tools, training, knowledge of alternative strategies and decision-making scenario assistance.
  • Be aware that there is a significant gap between those that say they can help and those that are actually capable of doing so
  • Finally, use your organizational mission and culture to help guide you

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