May 17, 2013

The Affect of Health Care Reform on Some Contractors

As a contractor, your entire business hinges on your ability to bid and win jobs.  To do that you may have to allocate additional labor to deliver that project on time.  With the new regulations, brought forth by Health Care Reform, you may have to manage your labor differently than you have in the past to remain in compliance. You may have to hire additional employees; they may have to work more hours or longer than a seasonal worker would.  This may cause those employees to be eligible for benefits, including health insurance. This brings up several questions: How are you going … Continue reading

May 10, 2013

Four Things You Can Control Within Health Care Reform

The 3 minute video above goes into more detail, but following are the Four Things an Employer Can Control Within Health Care Reform, a quick warning and my advice to you. Focus on those things that you can control.  What are they? Minimum Value Affordability Eligibility Communication It won’t be easy, but you can control these things and manage to the best of your ability those things that you cannot control. For those that may be considering it, know that the Federal Government will address the issues that currently exist that may make it possible to circumvent the act.  It … Continue reading

May 3, 2013

A Potential Flaw in Health Care Reform Formulas

From the beginning, we’ve heard that the numbers being projected for health care reform weren’t right.  The CBO then came back and said that they were wrong, and in fact, are higher.  However, one of the bigger flaws in the formula is the affordability test itself, which is based on self-only coverage. So, playing devil’s advocate, if I’m an employer who decides I’m going to continue to offer coverage that is affordable by making sure that my employee only contribution is extremely low and I’m going to offer coverage to dependants that I have to, but at 100% employee cost, … Continue reading

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