February 9, 2018

New Employee Experience

Being the “new employee” sounds scary doesn’t it? To explain the feelings I had, I would use the words nervous, scared, anxiety, or panic. Most people change careers a couple of times in their lifetime for many reasons. Some of them being more pay, moving locations, following a dream, or simply because they need a change. When I was looking for a new career, I was focusing on having the opportunity to grow internally within the company. I also wanted to focus more in business as that was my degree in college. Insurance wasn’t an industry I thought I would … Continue reading

February 5, 2018

High Performance Meetings

When working in a professional environment, meetings are going to be inevitable. Despite their necessity, there are advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages (ie time and money) however, will pay for themselves if the meeting is constructive and purposeful for all those involved.  Here at VAST, we feel it is critical to have each meeting run at a high level. That happens when we capture and incorporate team building, share information/results, and work at problem solving. Below are a few examples of some of the meetings that our team has that help with our unity and success, as well as tips … Continue reading

January 29, 2018

Understanding Health Insurance Terminology

The majority, if not most, of our population is covered by a health insurance policy. Whether you have an individual health policy or coverage through your employer, we are all required to have health insurance. Having insurance isn’t as simple as just being covered whenever you seek medical attention. It is very important to understand the design of your insurance policy to know what your out of pocket expenses are going to be. Health insurance policies have terminology such as deductible, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximums that many people think of as a foreign language. In my post today I’m hoping … Continue reading

January 24, 2018

Affordable Care Act Penalty Assessment Process – Letter 226 J

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has started sending out Letter 226 J, which informs employers of liability under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions. Applicable Large Employer’s (ALE’s) are employers with 50 or more full time or full time equivalent employees. ALE’s were required to offer affordable, minimum value coverage to a portion of their full time employees or be subject to one or both penalties under the ACA. Employers with less than 100 employees had transition relief available. Letter 226 J gives an amount due by the employer, the proposed Employer Shared Responsibility Payment (ESRP).  Letter … Continue reading

January 19, 2018

Rise Above

Be the best you can be. I hear that a lot. But what exactly does that mean and what can I do to get there? Little adjustments to your morning routine as well as how you choose to keep your mind and body active can lead to greater successes in the workplace and your personal life. Here are a few tips to help you rise above the norm. Don’t just roll out of bed in the morning. Rise and take on the day with a morning exercise routine! Your metabolism continues to burn extra calories after a workout, so getting … Continue reading

January 12, 2018

Workers’ Compensation Claim Filing – Cost and the Importance of Timeliness

We all can agree that the circumstances surrounding the filing of a workers’ compensation or “work comp” claim can certainly be daunting and potentially costly. It’s easy to fall prey to the notion of “I’ll take care of this tomorrow” or “I probably don’t need to report this”. How much of a difference can early and proactive claims reporting really make? As it turns out, it could save your business thousands of dollars, or prevent the need to even provide a payout at all. From a cost standpoint, consider the unknowns surrounding the evolution of a workers’ compensation claim. Delayed … Continue reading

January 8, 2018

What does it mean to have a “Claims Made” Policy?

Insurance policies are primarily written on an occurrence basis or claims made basis. The most common of the two is occurrence simply because what you see (or pay for) is what you get – regardless of when a claim is filed the policy that was in force at the time of the claim would respond. An occurrence policy can be cancelled (no strings attached) and claims can continue to be filed if the claim occurred during the time the policy was in force. The more complex of the two is claims made. Unlike the occurrence policy where the policy that … Continue reading

December 28, 2017

Why do I Have Medical Payments Coverage on my Home Insurance?

“Why do I have medical payments coverage on my home insurance?” This is a question that comes up quite often when people discuss their home insurance policy with me.  It’s actually a great question, because at first glance this doesn’t seem like a coverage that should be associated with your home. That’s what you have health insurance for, right? The truth is that this coverage actually isn’t for you, or any of your household members for that matter. Allow me to elaborate. Medical payments coverage is only for non-household members. Essentially, it is a good faith payment that your home … Continue reading

December 22, 2017

Tis the Season

It is hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us. With all of the magic and joy the holiday brings it is important to be reminded that it also brings an increased risk of fire or loss. So while you are sipping on your hot cocoa and dancing around the Christmas tree while decorating, please remember these tips and reminders for this season so you don’t become one of the statistics below [statistics from the National Fire Protection Association report from November 2017]. Tips and Reminders Chose a tree that is fresh, trim base of tree to increase … Continue reading

December 20, 2017

Cooking Safety for the Holidays

It’s just about that time for casseroles, football on TV, elastic pants and the yearly visit from all of the family you (mostly) love! Yes, the holidays are at the front door and so is the chaos and holiday cheer that comes with it. While most of us are making our extensive grocery list and checking our pantry for those essential ingredients, there’s often one thing that’s overlooked during all of that prep: cooking safety. Oil fires, boiling water, and sharp objects pose a danger to even the most seasoned chefs. Here are just a few quick tips to make … Continue reading

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